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This is the room that started it all. When I was pregnant with Eli I spent countless hours researching the best baby products. After hours of looking, I had finally decided on my registry. And then, I started looking for cribs and everything changed. I have spent the last few years making changes, both big and small, to our lifestyle. I have been trying to get rid of any toxic products from our personal and cleaning products and foods. I just never stopped to think about baby products. I think it is easy to assume they will be clean. They’re for babies after all. I did, however, decide to start looking at cribs, hoping for a completely non-toxic option just in case cribs came with toxins. That day I opened Pandora’s box. Not only the crib, but the mattress, the toys, car seats. Everything had some type of harmful chemical. So I scratched my whole registry and started from the beginning again, this time looking for safer products. This is the list of products I ended up choosing for E’s nursery.

Crib – Oeuf Sparrow Crib. I love this crib. It is really simple and cute and currently covered in teeth marks from Eli’s earlier teething days. I am so glad we chose one that didn’t have any harmful paints or materials.

Mattress – Naturepedic No Compromise Mattress 

Crib sheets – Burt’s Bees Organic Jersey Fitted Sheet

Glider – Monte Design Glider and Ottoman. This glider is crazy expensive. I know. It was such a huge investment but I really really wanted something comfortable. It has been so worth. Though Eli has been a great sleeper, this glider has been a lifesaver for his teething nights. I will nurse him to sleep and I will pass out for hours and still wake up rested. I really love it. I read that if you contact the company directly, you can get a flame retardant free glider, unless you live in the state of California. Womp womp. Also, go with comfort over cuteness for a glider. You’ll be so grateful you did.

Dresser/changing table – we used an old Ikea dresser we used to have in our room. Old furniture will have off gassed any chemicals after years of use, so it was good for the baby’s room.

Changing pad – Naturepedic Organic Cotton Contour

Changing pad covers – Burt’s Bees Organic Changing Pad Cover

Rug – Lorena Canals Rugs. It is such an adorable and washable rug. The company also has an incredible social mission and has a nursery with 120 kids in India. Each purchase benefits the lives of the kids.

Wall prints – The Animal Shop


favorite baby products - the nursery



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