Happy one month, Eli

Happy one month, little guy! I cannot believe it has been one month since you came into the world already. You have changed my life in the best way. Right now you’re sleeping next to me making cute little sounds and I’m in awe of the fact that you’re my son. I prayed and longed to have you for so long and I’m so grateful that the Lord trusted your dad and I with you. We are at a loss as to what we are doing but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love being your mama. I love the little sounds you make when you sleep, your little coughs and sneezes, even your little cries. I love how you smile as you’re drifting off to sleep and your happy little self in the mornings. I love your tiny hands and feet. I love it when you stare into my eyes and when you hold on to me. I love that you’re so tiny and cuddly and the fact that you can sleep for hours in my arms. I know I’m going to miss that one day so I’m trying to take full advantage of it. Part of me wishes you could stay little forever but then part of me cannot wait to see the person you’re going to become. My heart already breaks and rejoices at how much you’ve grown this past month yet I’m so utterly grateful for those cheeks of yours. Buddy, this is just one month. I can’t even imagine what we have ahead of us but boy, am I excited! I can’t wait to see you grow. Just don’t do it too fast. Please take your time! Love, your mama.
one month old baby

Photo by Lauren Guilford



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