The day we found out we were pregnant

A year ago today was by far one of the best days of my life. I had spent the previous 15 month taking a ridiculous amount of pregnancy tests (because I had no patience to wait for my period to show up). This month, I decided to wait. Matt and I went to Colorado for a few days to relax and recharge and my period was due the day we would be traveling back to California. The night before our trip, I was an emotional mess. Part of me was tired of getting my hopes up every month until to have them crushed. For 12 hours I had this internal dialogue – “nope, you’re not pregnant. Don’t even bother taking a test. But maybe I can take a test. Ok, if I take a test, I will do it in the morning. No, no, no. No tests. You’re not pregnant. Well, maybe. No, yes? I don’t know.” I was driving myself crazy. By the time we got home at midnight, I couldn’t wait any longer. I rushed to the bathroom and took the test. To my utter surprise, it said “pregnant.” I stared at it in disbelief. It felt like I had waited my whole life for that positive test. I had so many cute ideas of how I would tell Matt that we were going to be parents, but in that moment everything went out the window. There was no way I would be going to sleep without telling him. He was unloading the car so I asked him to come inside and pulled out the test. I am so glad I at least caught his reaction on my phone. So very thankful for today a year ago and this new life in our family.

Fair warning, this video is made up of iPhone clips as we told our family and there was a lot of hugging, so it might make you a little dizzy seeing that phone go all over the place.

Telling our families from Valentina Glidden on Vimeo.



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